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with music in our soul.

Marketect Media does more than create cool graphics and engage in hipster talk about omnichannel marketing and cool UX. Industry buzzwords and jargon don’t create traction or close more leads.

We help entrepreneurs win by focusing on what matters most: creating a tribe of raving fans who will love your brand and are inspired to share it.

We’ve got years of experience and the chops to tell the stories that matter--in the channels that matter to your business. From email to social, to experiential and event marketing, our team of marketects build brands that attract raving tribes.

It’s not an exact science--but it ain’t rocket science.

We house a talented, tight-knit hive of marketing alchemists, artists, and architects with expertise in both online and offline channels that inspires your followers and their followers to rave, share, and buy.


To Austin’s Soul


A peek behind the scenes from founder, Misty Williams.

When I moved to Nashville in 1999, a conservative girl from Oklahoma, it wasn’t long until I was managing music artists and exploring every color, flavor and texture of Music City’s creative lifestyle. 

Living in Nashville is VIBRANT. When you’ve got front-row seats to amazing performances and are immersed in the songwriting scene (not just country music), it’s easy to get inspired by every color and shade of expression.  One of my favorite things was experiencing musicians of every stripe: from songwriters, guitarists, and drummers to badass-vocalists-that-raise-the-hair-on-your-neck.

My passion for sharing gorgeous art with the world was inspired by this electric environment where music makes the most dormant flowers bloom.  Leveraging my background in communications, advertising, PR and marketing, I became an evangelist of sorts for my friends and fellow artists.

And just let me tell you … being surrounded by so many brilliant souls was a breathtaking experience.

Years later and a jaunt cross-country to Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World, that passion for helping dreams “make it” has evolved and still drives the vision of Marketect Media today.

It is our pleasure to work with entrepreneurs, and we love supporting them in actualizing their full potential in the world! Creatives and dreamers inspire me with their very brave hero’s journey, and the entire Marketect Media team is honored to serve as guardians for their expedition.

I should have done a Jumpstart Masterplan years ago. Misty and Marketect Media helped me see a whole new vision for ModerNash! Their expertise helped me make some key pivots to take charge of our sales funnels to grow our business and brand.

NICK RAY ModerNash - Nashville, Tennessee

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