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Marketect Media is an integrated brand marketing agency that helps businesses build tribes of raving brand evangelists. We’re professional tea-leaf readers:  we ask the right questions to help us identify your best opportunities to monetize your brand, and then map the plan to help you do exactly that.

We are masters at creating a powerful brand strategy out of your business’s goals and storyline.  Our Jumpstart Masterplan will help our team (and you!) identify your unique X factor: the magical point at which your brilliance and the marketplace come alive. 

And we don’t stop with “the plan” … think of us as your marketing roadies.  Your marketects have heart, grit, and tenacity, and we love to get to work! We move gear cases and put up lights and monitor the crowd as partners, invested in your vision. Our integrated marketing team shines when we are executing a powerful integrated plan.  Let’s change the world–together.

Misty and Marketect Media provide tactical strategy and resources to entrepreneurs not only to grow their businesses, but to find meaning, purpose, and community.

SCOTT JEFFREY The Cult Branding Company

Your customized Jumpstart
Masterplan will feature:

  • A deep analysis of your brand story, key objectives, and target personas
  • Key insights into your existing channels’ performance (including your website and social channels)
  • An insightful strategy to help you tie your storytelling into sales, making you smarter about how to drive key conversions (and get people to take the action you want them to along your pipeline)
  • Creative brand development to help you tie your storytelling into your sales funnel, making you smarter about driving key conversions
  • Strategies to effectively attract and convert your traffic into customers along your site and social channels

The Jumpstart Masterplan will customize a powerful strategy to tell your brand’s story and to drive your sales funnels so you can relaunch and scale.

Largely because of the amazing influence Misty has had on our positioning concept, we've landed two MASSIVE contracts for TONS of work that is exactly, precisely the kind of stuff that we want to do. I am THE most satisfied client Misty has ever had.

Joe Calloway CSP, CPAE, author of Magnetic & Become a Category of One

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Building businesses is our specialty. We combine powerful brand storytelling with digital marketing and data-driven strategies like adwords, organic search and high-performing websites to grow your brand and super-size your business, including:

  • Automation

    Develop launch funnels, sales funnels and email marketing automation

  • Digital Strategy

    Manage digital campaigns and contests (including organic and paid traffic efforts like ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter)

  • Brand Management

    Create marketing / branding collateral like websites, social media content, product covers, etc.

  • Blog & Content Management

    Create & manage content across digital channels (blog, facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, etc)

  • Multimedia Production

    Produce audio / video content for digital marketing, sales pages, YouTube videos, podcasts, summits and more

  • Market Research

    Find online and offline opportunities to increase exposure / reach

  • Experiential Marketing

    Creative concepting for tradeshow experiences, social contests, and other brand experiences

  • Monthly Auditing

    Audit digital efforts monthly to fine-tune, uncover new opportunities, and increase reach for social and 
search efforts

Ready to Build Your Brand?

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